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Winter and Spring

One day Winter met Spring and mocked her:

“You're too soft and that's not right. You get trampled without dignity or consent and leave people and animals unpunished. When your season arrives, the first flowers begin to sprout, the ground is filled with many varieties of herbs and you allow people and animals to trample all this without restraint, letting them tear the newly ripe fruits without remorse.”

“I, on the other hand, frighten living beings with my cold, rain and severe frost that make everyone hole up and I can stay calm,” Winter said with a certain superiority.

Spring, after being silent, replied:

“But you are wrong, Winter, I am loved by all and they communicate harmoniously with me. When I appear, animals and people rejoice and start coming out of their holes to savor the beauty of the sun and greenery. You don't know how good it is to be loved and what a joy it is. On the other hand, you are only feared and will never feel what I feel,” Spring concluded.

After carefully listening to her words, Winter reflected for a long time.

L Inverno e la Primavera
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This fable highlights the fundamental values of goodness and sensitivity: in fact, non-violence and generosity produce respect and love; the allegorical cold of Winter does not generate genuine esteem, but only worry and fear.





The lectern

A slab gently supports the tree behind it. It arises from the earth and curves towards the sky. The spectator reads the tale head-on, seeing the slab and trunk overlapping in the background. A collaboration created by the curvature of the slab that changes direction in dialogue with the tree.

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