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The path of Aesop in Casvegno Park: a project by the Soroptimist International Club of Mendrisiotto with the patronage of OSC.

The constellation of fairy tales in Casvegno Park creates a playful and reflective path on essential values such as respect, friendship, non-violence and solidarity. The symbolic shape of the lecterns, in a close dialectical relationship with the context, allegorically represents and emphasizes the themes narrated in Aesop's timeless fables. Reading fairy tales with different angles, reflections and perspectives aims at giving importance to the reader's gaze.

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Casvegno Park

Directly in the city's heart of Mendrisio, Casvegno Park is part of the complex of the Cantonal Socio-psychiatric Organization. Avenues and paths branch out like tentacles between trees with generous fronds and large clearings. Here a pond, there a fountain, further on a sculpture to gather an intimate gaze. It is frequented by strolling people, running athletes, crowds of passing students, noisy children in the playground, significantly called the "friendship park", located near the bar. The constellation of fairy tales develops freely in the shade of majestic trees.

OSC’s collaboration

“To accomplish great things,

we must not only act,

but also dream; not only plan but also believe.”

Anatole France

The realization of the project was possible thanks to the participation of the OSC collaborators, who immediately perceived the project's critical meaning and the fairytale path's inclusive capabilities. This has allowed the location of the lecterns in the heart of the city of Mendrisio, in the magnificent Casvegno Park, which is always open to all.

Heartfelt thanks

Thanks to those who generously offered skills and availability to those who believed in the value of the project to all the people who enthusiastically participated in creating this path.

Idea and choice of fairy tales

Soroptimist International club Mendrisiotto

Architectural and graphic design

Licia Joppini, Architetto OTIA dipl.AAM

Alice Robbiani, Interaction Designer

Joelle Käser, Graphic Designer

Editing of fairy tale texts (italian version)

Lea Conconi, Laureata in Lettere


Roberto Mondada

In development: comments

Prof. Francesco Bianchi


Marisa Benzoni

Maria Silva Ceppi



Contact person for cooperation with OSC

Daniele Intraina

Metal builder

Kasimir Wydler

Print lecterns


Construction company

Impregest SA

The Park is open every day

Parco di Casvegno

Via Agostino Maspoli 6

6850 Mendrisio - CH

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